World is becoming more connected with each increasing automation process. The way products are manufactured and delivered to the retailers is getting complicated. For this purpose a number of firms collaborate with each other and work in a chain. In this way the product is finally ready to be delivered to the customer. However the above process of working in chains, like manufacturers, suppliers and distributors is efficient for the customers, as the process runs in a streamlined way. On the other hand the result might be different if any disruption occurs in the process of the supply chain. The company may not achieve its goals to deliver the product on time in a smooth way.

One of the major reasons for the disruption is the cyber security breach. There is increasing concern about the supply chain market these days. Sometimes the malicious software is infiltrated in the hardware of the manufactured product and devices. The manufacturers promise to provide the product to the businesses. This situation creates a potential risk to the company’s business.

In this blog we will discuss in detail the importance of SOC  for Supply Chain.

What is SOC?

SOC stands for Security Operations Center. It includes a trained and professional team of IT professionals, who  secure and safeguard the organization’s cyber security systems. This team has expert members who test the systems for malware and respond to it immediately to curb the malicious threat to enter in the entire system.

Technology Used by SOC Professionals

The SOC team is highly qualified and trained. They keep close observation on the company’s security systems, using the latest technology and devices. They scan the computers, gadgets, applications and networks to scrutinize the systems to ensure safety of the systems.

Detection and analysis

The SOC team actively monitors and protects the system, once they notice any suspicious activity or malware in the software system. Using the advanced tools they figure out the and analyze the severity of the data and much percent it has been damaged.

Rules of SOC team

The SOC team works under a predetermined policy and set of rules. When any malware in any part of the company’s system is detected the team analyzes and decides what the level of the malfunction. The team decides to take action to address the security issue.

Detect the vulnerabilities

The black hat hackers try to exploit the system. The SOC team detects the vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the security system.  The team works quickly to respond to the cyber security threat in the company’s system. The hackers through this way want to damage the company’s name and steal its sensitive data. The SOC team detects the weaknesses present in the cyber system and removes it from the system before it penetrates into the depth of the applications.

Coverage using the advanced technology

The team has advanced tools and technology to figure out the malware. They work day and night on shifts. The purpose is to enable systems to catch any malicious activity and they address it within a second. They always work one step further to anticipate what the black hat hackers must be planning and hatching to damage the security related sensitive information.

Planning and Strategy

Planning is the crucial part to resolve any issue. A well begun is half done. The SOC team form a well organized and well disciplined strategy to retaliate the malicious activities of the hackers. They plan sensibly and distribute the work in the team accordingly. They plan to achieve the goals within certain time limits to secure the cyber security system.

Collaboration and outsourcing

The SOC team experts work in a collaborative way. Sometimes to achieve their purpose they need to work and collaborate with the other organizations.  In some cases they need to outsource the professionals outside the IT field.

In-House or Outsourcing

Some manufacturing companies appoint the SOC team to plan and resolve their cyber security issues. While some companies and organizations hire SOC professionals’ teams from outside. It is mandatory to evaluate and scrutinize the SOC expert’s team before assigning them responsibility to continue with the security checks.

Security Solutions

The team uses a number of tools, devices to detect the potential threats or weaknesses in the security systems.  They prepare their plan in advance and always work one step ahead of the attackers.

Final Words

With the advancement of technology and globalization, the organization’s need to stay abreast of the advanced systems in the cyber security systems. The black hat hackers plan and prepare software to breach the sensitive information of the top companies  to damage them in one way or the other. The supply chain officials should form firm strategies and security to allow any loophole in the cyber security systems. Check and balance during the operating process is necessary. The concerned entities should formulate strategies to enhance security in the risk management. The heads of the company’s should oversee the entire process from the rooftop to visualize and detect any mishap and breach of security measures.

SOC for Supply Chain