A leased line provides a dedicated internet connection for businesses that require reliable performance. This is especially important for those companies using VoIP technology and cloud applications.

With symmetrical upload and download speeds, low latency and the ability to scale up with your business, Colt is the best leased line provider. It also offers a range of competitive packages for businesses.

High Speeds

A leased line is a dedicated connection that eliminates congestion as you won’t be sharing your bandwidth with anyone else. This provides a much better experience during peak times and ensures uptime.

It also offers symmetrical upload and download speeds so that you can enjoy a fast, consistent performance throughout your business day and this is important for real-time communication tools like VoIP or cloud applications. It also comes with low latency to minimise interference.

The best leased line providers will offer high-speed connections but not all are equal and you will need to decide what your needs are and who is best placed to deliver the services that you require. BT, TalkTalk, Virgin Media Business and Colt are the big names but smaller ISPs can also provide you with the same product at a lower cost and often with more personal customer service. This may make them the preferred choice if you are looking for the best value solution.


One of the primary reasons businesses choose leased lines is for their high level of reliability. As a dedicated connection that is not shared with other users, it offers consistent and stable speeds which are not affected by busy times of day, as standard broadband connections tend to be.

Additionally, business leased lines offer a higher upload speed than standard broadband, which is important for businesses that use VoIP technology or rely on cloud-based applications. These types of organisations often require lightening fast data transfer speeds for the most efficient operation.

With the best leased line providers offering high performance connectivity that’s reliable enough to support any application, it’s worth considering a fibre leased line solution for your business. You can easily compare leased line prices online by entering your details into a comparison tool and getting quotes from multiple providers. Alternatively, you can talk to a business leased line expert and get advice tailored to your needs.


Businesses are often reliant on internet connections to operate. This is why it’s important to choose a provider that offers a scalable service if your business is likely to grow or require more bandwidth in the future. This is a key feature offered by leased lines.

Another great thing about leased lines is that they offer symmetrical upload and download speeds, which is a huge benefit for businesses. Other connection types tend to have much higher download speeds than upload speeds, which can result in a poor quality of the data you are sending and receiving, or slowdown during peak times.

TalkTalk’s leased line services are well-reviewed, especially by small businesses. It is also onе of thе chеapеst providеrs on this list,  which can bе a big advantagе for start-ups.  Its customеr support is also prompt and obliging,  which is always hеlpful in a crisis.  Thеy also havе a good rangе of othеr businеss sеrvicеs that can hеlp you gеt startеd.


Unlike broadband connections that are shared with other users, which can slow down at peak times, leased lines offer symmetrical download and upload speeds so business operations won’t suffer. This means you can use bandwidth-intensive tools such as cloud-based applications and VoIP telephony without any lag.

A leased line is also great for businesses that need to transfer large data files regularly or stream high-quality video conferencing and audio. It’s possible to increase bandwidth as your business grows, too – providing the flexibility and control you need to stay ahead of the competition.

TalkTalk is a good choice for small businesses thanks to its cheap prices. The company offers EoFTTC, EFM and fibre leased line solutions that provide up to 10Gbps of symmetrical speed with 24/7/365 line monitoring and customer support. Alternatively, Vodafone is another option to consider as it has a wide range of products and pricing options to suit all budgets, with an emphasis on reliability and four-hour fault response times.

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