Benefits of Using an Anti-Gravity Treadmill in Recovery

Anti-gravity treadmills are among the most exciting advancements in physical therapy and sports medicine technology. These high-tech tools use a specialized pressure chamber to cushion the patient’s lower body with extra air, creating the illusion of lower gravity and easing stress while running or walking. Anti-gravity treadmills can be found at the most advanced training facilities and at everyday physical therapy in Philadelphia.

An anti-gravity treadmill sounds exciting, but many people wonder if these high-tech machines can actually help everyday people recover from injuries. Here is a brief guide to how anti-gravity treadmills function in physical therapy.

Improve Strength With Ease

Lower body strength is absolutely essential for comfortable day-to-day life as we age. One of the hallmark tests of elder independence is the ability to stand up from a seated position on a bed or chair, and that is only possible with strong lower body muscles.

Anti-gravity treadmills give all of the muscular benefits of walking or running without breaking down joints or worsening joint pain. Inclines on anti-gravity treadmills can build lower body strength and cardiovascular endurance without excess pain.

Boost Recovery Time Effectively

Major soft tissue injuries, such as torn knee ligaments or Achilles tendons, can take up to a year to heal, even with quality physical therapy Cherry Hill NJ. Since joints are often unstable after surgery, there are wait times before a patient can safely walk on a treadmill.

There are even wait times before it is safe to walk or run in a waist-deep pool, also known as hydrotherapy. The anti-gravity treadmill is safe even before hydrotherapy, and moving the muscles of your legs can help your tissues heal faster.

Run No Matter Your Physical Condition

A person’s physical condition can present a major barrier to building healthy levels of strength and endurance. With an anti-gravity treadmill, those with joint issues or weight issues that make normal running impossible can experience the benefits of intense exercise.

Stay in Peak Cardiovascular Form

For athletes, the most frustrating aspect of injury recovery is losing peak form. Injuries to the lower body are particularly difficult because cardiovascular exercise presents many serious risks, including the risk of re-injury.

Injured athletes can stay in top form through periods of injury with an anti-gravity treadmill. Increasing the incline on the anti-gravity treadmill can compensate for the air cushion and provide an equal intensity workout to normal running. Athletes can also push themselves beyond normal limits without risking joint injuries on anti-gravity treadmills.

Keep Your Mind and Body Limber

Staying sedentary while recovering from an injury isn’t just irritating; it can take a toll on both your mental and physical health. Adding sessions on an anti-gravity treadmill can make recovery less taxing and keep joints from losing mobility due to extended bed rest.

High-tech anti-gravity treadmills aren’t only for Olympic-level athletes. Ordinary people recovering from injuries or building healthy habits in physical therapy South Jersey can reap massive benefits from these innovative machines. Try an anti-gravity treadmill and run or walk to the peak of your ability without putting your joints at risk.