Best Hotels To Stay At While Visiting Egypt

Exploring Egypt on a vacation is an incredible decision where you get to experience Egypt’s rich history, culture, and amazing landmarks. While this is important, you’ll also need a good place to stay during your trip. A place where you get the “a home away from home” kinda feeling.

It’s important you know ahead of time some of the best hotels in town while making preparations for your trip. This is to help you make reservations ahead of time while at the same time cutting on some expenses.

In this article, we’ve put together the best hotels to stay at while visiting Egypt. These hotels combine convenience, comfort, and unforgettable experiences in their service delivery.

Our best pick:

The Pyramid Stars Inn
The Nile Ritz-Carlton
Comfort Sphinx Inn Cairo
Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir Cairo
Comfort Sphinx Inn Cairo
Villa Oasis
City View Hotel

The Pyramidal Stars Inn

Imagine waking up to a view that could rival any postcard, with the majestic pyramids right outside your window. The Pyramidal Stars Inn offers precisely that. Just about 4.3 km away from the Inn, you’ll find the Giza Pyramid, also having the Cairo International Airport, as the closest airport around.

Let’s even look a little closer.

This hotel has world-class, fully decorated, fully air-conditioned rooms. Each unit has a private bathroom, wardrobes, and bidet. They provide bicycle and car rental services and a paid airport shuttle service. You don’t have to worry about getting to the airport, they’ve got that covered for you.

So far,  it has maintainеd an avеragе of 4. 8-star ratings.  You can tеll how good thеy arе from what thеir prеvious customеrs havе to say about thеm.  You can visit thеir wеbsitе for a dеtailеd brеakdown of thеir pricеs.

The Nile Ritz-Carlton

If you are on a Nile cruise, then you should consider this hotel. The hotel promises a tranquil retreat by the river, perfect for your visit. Imagine taking a deep while gazing at the Nile River’s gentle flow. It also has comfortable rooms and a pool that overlooks the legendary Nile.

It has built a rich legacy and an identity for being an icon of luxury in Cairo. While you enjoy the encompassing views of the beautiful environment, Tahrir Square and the Egyptian Museum are right in your vicinity.

You’ll also get overwhelmed by the kingly and queenly treatment, while you get immersed in the Egyptian culture. This hotel has about 46 restaurants within a 0.3-mile distance and about 20 sight attractions within the same range.

Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir Cairo

This hotel has over 2000 reviews with amazing 4.5-star ratings. This tells you of its excellent customer satisfaction. You’ll find this hotel in El Tahrir Square, close to the Egyptian Museum.

If Nile River cruise is your thing, you’d probably consider booking accommodation in this hotel as it is found not too far from the Nile River. The hotel has 295 guest rooms and suites, highly decorated and fully equipped with amenities.

It also offers you banqueting facilities, a swimming pool, culinary outlets, a gym, and many other fascinating features to keep your stay alive.

They also have a variety of room types including suites, family rooms, non-smoking rooms, city view, landmark view, pool view, and smoking rooms, all within your reach to choose from depending on your budget.

Comfort Sphinx Inn Cairo

If your vacation requires you to spend more time in Cairo, then this is probably the best pick for you. You’ll find this hotel in the Giza district, just about 400 meters from the Sphinx Temple.

This is one of the most luxurious hotels in Cairo that offers 17-room hostels, each with a tub, a private toilet and sink, a microwave, and kitchenware for guests who would love to cook their own food.

You’ll also find the renowned Cairo International Airport just about 29 minutes drive away from the hotel. One of the benefits of this great hotel is that you get to have access to the Great Sphinx of Giza for free, once you’re a guest.

Villa Oasis

This Alexandria’s top-rated hotel comes with luxurious accommodations along with a balcony, free Wi-Fi, free parking space, a private pool, a garden, and a barbecue. Crazy right?

There is an airport shuttle service available, if you are wondering. The Borg El Arab International Airport is just 14 kilometers away from the hotel. Rest assured, your vacation in Egypt is fun-guaranteed with the Villa Oasis.

So you also know, the accommodation has the following features; 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a satellite-enabled flat-screen TV, a very equipped kitchen and an amazing garden view. Think of this as a family accommodation.

City View Hotel

Think about the numerous benefits you’ll get especially if you chose the Nile River cruise as your preferred choice from all the Egypt tour packages. Bеsidеs bеing in thе hеart of thе city,  this hotеl is also just an 8-minutе walk from thе Nilе Rivеr.

Somе of thе sеrvicеs you’ll gеt to еnjoy from this hotеl includе fully air-conditionеd accommodation,  pеrsonal room sеrvicе,  a minibar,  a flatscrееn TV in thе room,  a clеan and classy bathroom,  a privatе balcony,  and lots morе.

Also, some of their amenities include airport transportation, currency exchange services, 24-hour customer support, free wifi, free breakfast, and lots more.


In this article, we’ve explored some of the best hotels to stay in while visiting Egypt. Egypt is a land of awe-inspiring wonders, and these hotels are the icing on the Egyptian adventure cake.

Whether you’re on a Nile River cruise, gazing at the pyramids, relaxing by the Nile, or immersing yourself in ancient cities, these hotels offer not just comfort but the key to unforgettable experiences.

So, pack your bags, secure your room, and prepare to embark on a truly exceptional Egyptian getaway.

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Best Hotels To Stay At While Visiting Egypt