Custom Stickers Named Utah’s Manufacturer of the Year, a leading sticker and label manufacturer based in Utah, has been named Manufacturer of the Year in the advanced manufacturing and machining category at the 2023 Utah Manufacturing Awards. This recognition comes as the company achieves exceptional milestones, including doubling its workforce and a 300% CAGR for the year.

The award celebrates businesses that showcase excellence in operations, infrastructure, and human resources. CustomStickers stood out for its unique production process, which boasts a turnaround time of just 24 hours for most label products.

Further solidifying its reputation as an outstanding business, the company ranked sixth in the Utah Valley Business Journal’s 2022 Best Places to Work Awards which evaluates companies based on size, revenue, and direct feedback from employees.

Ryan Dunn, the company’s founder, emphasized the significance of their achievements, stating, “Our success is a direct reflection of the daily investment in our company culture. Our dedicated team has worked to help our clients get the best quality and value on their sticker and label needs.”

Founded in Dunn’s garage during the pandemic, CustomStickers has come a long way. Now locatеd in Springvillе,  Utah,  thе company еmploys ovеr 30 pеoplе and producеs millions of stickеrs and labеls annually.

Thе company is committеd to fostеring a divеrsе,  еquitablе,  inclusivе,  and accеssiblе work еnvironmеnt,  aligning with thеir corе valuеs. This commitment is evident as every employee is regularly briefed on topics ranging from daily financial reports to long-term growth strategies.

Mike Monson, the production director at CustomStickers, added, “Our success can be credited to our team’s unwavering commitment and affection for each other and our brand. This synergy fuels our growth and encourages an atmosphere of trust, innovation, and continual improvement.”

CustomStickers has grown quickly in the industry, and garnered positive feedback. They are setting new standards in manufacturing while maintaining an emphasis on people-centric values, making it a notable business to watch in the coming years.

Custom Stickers Named Utah’s Manufacturer of the Year